Heartbeat Privacy Policy

"Heartbeat - Task Timer", hereafter known as The App, collects limited data on the usage of The App. The App allows you, hereafter known as The User, to enter data about daily activities, hereafter known as Activity (or Activities). The App collects crash data if and when the app crashes unexpectedly. The App also collects a programmatic identifier of a page whenever The User visits that page within The App. This programmatic identifier is not specific to The User; all users of the app send the same page identifiers to the server. No personally identifiable information is collected by The App, and none of the data collected is collected with the intention of identifying The User. To the best knowledge of the developers of The App, no data collected by The App can possibly be used to identify The User. This is by design. The only usage information collected by The App is information about the pages visited by The User for the purposes of improving the functionality of The App in the future. Activity names are not collected; Activity start times are not collected; Activity end times are not collected; Activity durations are not collected.

The App includes Google's Firebase SDK in order to collect the limited data described in this policy. To the best knowledge of the developers of The App, Google's Firebase SDK does not autonomously collect any data other than the data described in the preceding paragraph, as well as: the device model, the OS version, the bundle ID of The App (which is the same for all users), and the platform used by the developers of The App to build The App. The developers are not aware of any other data collected by Google's Firebase SDK. However, the Firebase SDK is 3rd party software maintained by Google, and the developers of The App cannot and do not have full knowledge over its internal workings. In the event that the developers become aware that Google's Firebase SDK is collecting data which Google has not previously disclosed (and over which the developers of The App have no control), the developers will take immediate corrective action by either (1) updating this privacy policy, and/or (2) updating the implementation of The App. Preference will be shown toward the latter by updating the implementation of The App to limit its data collection.